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Registered with National Trust.
"Spreading Love and Care.....Create Happiness".


Bethesda Legacy International Special School in Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Bethesda Legacy International Special School, in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, is a school specially meant for students and persons suffering from Autism. Students or individuals like these, have a neurological developmental disability that affects their normal brain development affecting communication along with social interactions.

This is a special kind of deformity that affects mainly children below the age of 10 and above as well. At Bethesda Legacy International Special School in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, we have specially designed classes to help such persons from getting worsened.

We care for such people and serve them with great love. The school care for all those suffering from Autism or brain disabilities, to help them live a comfortable life ahead.

Our proper manuals and procedures, enable these inmates to adapt quickly and learn without any errors. All efforts including special education, regular academic programs, therapeutic interventions, and vocational training aim to keep all healthy and fit.

All those suffering from such causes, are destined to get respect, care and love for all the differently abled as well. The Bethesda Legacy International Special School, in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, has a unique approach in educating the differently-enabled to face mental and physical situations.

BLISS, the Acronym for the school accommodates children, adults and those suffering from such diseases with hygienic treatments, clinical procedures and recovery centers for the present and future.

We create a wonderful world of love, care and brotherhood for all people suffering from Autism or other diseases related to mental problems.

Come and let’s make the world a blissful place with BLISS as the helping hand.

Bethesda Charitable Trust

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