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Home for Senior Citizen

Bethesda Charitable Trust in Kerala.

Bethesda Charitable trust in Kerala,inaugurated in 2002, runs Bethesda Rehabilitation Centre,Old Age homes, Centre for the differently abled and a Mental health rehabilitation Centre.Bethesda Charitable Trust is registered under 12A, 80G and FCRA.More than 2600 members have enjoyed the facilities and hospitalities in Bethesda.

Bethesda Charitable Trust has a senior citizen's home. Ninety senior citizens are enjoying the facilities of this home. This Old Age home is situated on the river bank in Puthur in the district of Thrissur in Kerala in clean, calm and serene atmosphere.The old age home offers natural village surroundings and a very pleasant climate.Committed and trained care takers and proximity to places of worship and rich culture of Thrissur hospitality are a few of themany advantages of the Old Age Home. The soothing ambience and comfortable amenities vouchsafe for the love and comfort extended to the residents.

Bethesda Centre For Differently Abled is a residential institution for disabled persons, especially for mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism and multiple disabilities. The objectives of the organization are Care & rehabilitation of the differently abled. This Centre provides primary education, health care, therapy and shelter for physically challenged persons. We provide food, accommodation, nursing care, medical facilities and conduct various types of vocational training. At present, fifty residents are utilizing the facilities. All the members have destitute certificates, disability certificates and Niramaya Insurance cards.

The institution is conducting awareness meetings in Panchayats about health, hygiene, rights of disabled persons, etc. as well as medical and eye campsand providing free medicines to the patients who attend these camps. The Rehabilitation Centre is located in Kuttanllore - Marotichal Road, near Puthur.

Bethesda Rehabilitation Centre for Mentally ill

We can’t afford to forget our fellow neighbors with mental disabilities.Bethesda cares for the mentally challenged, providing medicines and other necessary facilities.

Although, there are a number of organizations to support and help such unfortunate citizens, there is always the danger of exploitationof such personnel. Keeping in view this fact, we at Bethesda Charitable Trust in Kerala, in the forefront of supporting such disabled persons has a 50-bedded facility located in Puthur, Thrissur Districtand is owned by Bethesda Charitable Trust in Kerala.

Bethesda offers comprehensive treatment and community based Psychosocial Rehabilitation for those suffering from chronic Mental Disorders. Startedin2002, the organization extends all possible assistance to mentally ill persons suffering from different types of disorders. Our loving services provide them with a sense of belonging as a bulwark against the feeling of isolationoften experienced by them.We serve as a natural home for these individualsby creating an atmosphere of trust and usefulness.

Events such as Kamala Surayya Smrithi Mandapam promote the art and cultures of such persons for getting a place in the society. Our facilities include such an activity for the well being of such individuals as our motto is to serve such people through love, which remains a pipe dream for such people.

Dr.Sukumar Azhikode memorial library is active in the compound.

Our shelters for women and children entitled as Subharatri provides proper care and shelter forthem. It’s a pity to see our peers lying on the streets hungryand withoutclothes.We provide appropriate shelter, food and clothes for such neglected individuals.

We Extented our services to Palakkad district and Ooty in Tamil Nadu

Our vision to have 15 Centres in different States of India

Bethesda Charitable Trust

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