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Bethesda Centre For Differently Abled

Centre for Differently Abled in Thrissur, Kerala

Autism is a condition affecting the mental faculties of many persons. Much has been said about the medical conditions of such individuals, yet the care and affectionshown for them leave much to be desired.

Sometimes, such people even attempt suicide or self immolation due to the tensions and turmoil’s of life. Such incidents generally arise at homes and hostels due to indifference and discrimination.

Taking into consideration the plight of such individuals, the State government has initiated specific measures to reduce the hardships of such persons.

Comprehensive welfare measures and activities taken up are steps in the right direction for the betterment of the society. The government has outlined several innovative and effective plans for improving the conditions of differently-enabled persons.

A wide spectrum of services such as providing adequate education, sanitary facilities and creating a hygienic atmosphere tohelp them live and learn in peace.

We, at the Bethesda Charitable Trust, renderoptimum treatmentand services with proper care and many welfare activities.

It’s the unselfish love shown towards such disabled persons that drives us always to render assistance and care. Once we accept that they are our brothers and sisters, we can move on rendering maximum assistance to enable them to lead a successful and secure life.

Friends and all countrymen, let’s unite for a better society and a peaceful nation.

Bethesda Charitable Trust

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