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Bethesda Heritages and Home stay

Bethesda Heritages and Home stay - Ooty

Thissur is centrally located in Kerala; Thrissur is known as the "Cultural capital of Kerala" and has been the scene of numerous events of historic and cultural importance. Thrissur is also often referred to as 'the pooram city'. Bethesda Home stay is at Thrissur, Puthur and we have 50 persons capacity home with 4 acer land. This Home stays situvated in the River side of Puthur with calm atmosphere. Here we have vegitable cultivation, farming animal husbendery, and poultry farmming and some vegetables and fruits picked from our own backyard, and organically grown for cooking purpose. You can reach our home stay from Thrissur railway station with 10 km, from Nedubassery Airport 55km and from NH-47 3km only.

Palakkad is the granary of Kerala; Palakkad is a vast expanse of verdant plains interspersed with hills, rivers, mountain streams and forests. Palakkad is the gateway to Kerala from the north. Palakkad district has its own special characteristics. The district has vast stretches of lush green paddy fields, with tributaries of Bharathapuzha river criss-crossing it. In this district the tourists' attarcting by Forts, Dams, Silent Valley National Park, Parambikulam wildelife Sanctuary etc. Bethesda Heritage is in Palakkad District ,Ottapalam in Kerala is around 70 years old Mana have fully wooden work houses that were bought and restructured.In this place we have 1.40 acer land with varieties of fruit yielding trees , Vegitable Garden and varieties of medicinal plants and herbs Hence home to more than 25 species of birds in the season.

Bethesda Home Stay Ootty has 7 cottages with 50 person's accomodation facilites, with sufficent water. Life around the house we try our best to maintain an eco friendly atmosphere. The Queen of Hill Stations has Lakes, Dear Park, Museum, Watter Falls; Garden etc. for visit enjoy the families and tourists.Udhagai better known as Ooty is a town, a municipality, and the district capital of the Nilgiris district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located 80 km north of Coimbatore. It is a popular hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills. Today, the town's economy is based on tourism and agriculture, along with manufacture of medicines and photographic film. Ooty is situated deep within the Nilagiri hills (which can be literally translated as The Blue Mountains). It is unknown whether this name arises from the blue smoky haze given off by the eucalyptus trees that cover the area or from the kurunji flower, which blooms every twelve years giving the slopes a bluish tinge.

Bethesda Heritages and Home stay - Palakkad

Ever reminded of therich heritage that Palakkad District has to offer,their vast granaries and lush green paddy fields and mountains. The district attracts many tourists and visitors for its famous rivers, mountains and greenery.

Though the district boasts of such greenery, yet the welfare of the aged and mentally challengedis always a matter of concern.Charitable Trusts in Palakkad, a center for aged and mentally challenged, has many stories that unravel the enthusiasm for Bethesda Heritage Home Stay in Palakkad.

All welfare activities by Bethesda Heritage Home Stay in Palakkad, offer great help to all theaged and lonely citizens of the country.Many efforts by the Government for the overall development of such individuals have gone wasteand unnoticeable.

However, the Charitable Trust at Bethesda Heritage Home Stay in Palakkad offers answers to all the questions that arise fromsuch indifferent attitudes.

The Bethesda Heritage Home Stay in Palakkad,not only serves as a home, but also as a center for elderly care and safe stay. Our team of expert physicians, doctors and nurses help all such people to survive in the ignorant and apathetic world of negligence.

Our branch of Bethesda Heritage Home Stay in Palakkad, is the brainchild of Bethesda Charitable Trust in Thrissur. The center renders much neededassistance to all inmates with adequate affection and care.

We have well built rooms with proper sanitary facilities, making the center achosen place for a hygienic and luxurious stay. Our contemporary rooms with traditionaltouches provide homely comforts.

With well organized servicecenter, we are always available for offering due care and assistance when needed.

If you feel isolated, drop in at our Bethesda Heritage Home Stay in Palakkad, (if in Palakkad) or at Bethesda Charitable trust, Thrissur forprompt assistance.

Bethesda Heritage Old Age Home in Palakkad

The rich heritage of Palakkad District in Kerala with its vast granaries and lush green paddy fields, rivers and mountains attracts many tourists and visitors.

Bethesda Charitable Trust runs Bethesda Heritage Old Age Home in Palakkad.

We are a specialized team of doctors, nurses, wardens, masters of social workers and other employees who promise to deliver and contribute towards the welfare of such people. We have currently Sixty residents.

We have always taken adequate steps to preserve the dignity and respect of each individual while we serve them at Bethesda Heritage Old Age Home in Palakkad. Meeting their main requirements such as food, accommodation, proper medical care and medicines play a vital role in their happy lives. We are also owning organic cultivation

You are always welcome to either sponsor or donate for the overall development of our fellow citizens, especially the aged. At Bethesda Heritage Old Age Home in Palakkad . We accept cheque or cash at the counter.

Centre for differently abled in Palakkad, Kerala

Palakkad, the center of attraction for all travelers visiting God’s Own Country—Kerala with its splendid hills, mountainsandbeautiful lakes is indeed a blissful place to visit. However, when we speak of the care and concern shown to differently abled in Palakkad, Kerala , there arises the necessity of much more to be done.

Many Steps initiated by the Government for the overall development of such individuals have gone waste and unnoticeable.

Against such a backdrop, the KarunyaMedical Care Center stands out providing care for the needy all under one roof.At Palakkad, the Center renders full services to the inmates.

The Karunya Medical Care Center run by Bethesda Charitable Trust, performs activities like Free eye check up, Medical camp for immediate diagnosis of the disability, and constant interaction to keep them fully active.

The Facilities offered at the Centre include:

  • Thirty three experienced personnel, including Doctors and therapists.
  • Ambulance and the casualty services with round the clock nursing care
  • Excellent ambience.
  • Different buildings for ladies and men.
  • Single, shared a/c or non a/c rooms. Dormitory is also available.
  • Veg & non- menu, service and feeding facility, depending on situation
  • Daily laundry and room service.
  • Library, Newspaper, TV, Internet, and other recreation facilities.
  • Counseling and prayer sessions.
  • Visiting holy places without religious restrictions.
  • Tour facilities.
  • Staff service available for hospitalization.

Apart from such facilities, we have special Night Women Homes entitled “Subharathri” . This shelter is a hometo the separated families, especially women and children.

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