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Bliss Ooty.

BLISS, an acronym for Bethesda Legacy International Special School, has been a dream achievement for all those dedicated to the service of treating those with Autism.The school designed and constructed with utmost perfection serves as a second home for such children, and for other persons as well

We, at BLISS have a variety of methods of teaching and imparting of knowledge at its best for all those mentally challenged. The institution is not only a house but also a place ofknowledge for these learners.

BLISS in Ooty, provides Residential Educational programs and impartseducation for their successful living. Bethesda Legacy International Special School, in Ooty, Tamil Nadu,is a school specially built to meet the needs of children suffering from Autism.

Students or persons like these, have a neurological developmental disability that affects their normal brain development affecting communication and social interactions

This is a special kind of deformity that affects mainly children below the age of 10 and above as well. At Bethesda Legacy International Special School in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, we have specially designed classes to help such people.

We care for such persons and serve them with great love. The school serves all those suffering from Autism or brain affected conditions enabling them to live a comfortable life ahead.

All those suffering from such causes,including those differently-abled are expected to get respect, care and love. The Bethesda Legacy International Special School, in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, has a unique approach to equip the differently-enabled to face mentaland physical situations.

BLISS, the acronym for the school cares for the children, adults and those suffering from similar diseases by providing hygienic treatments, clinical procedures and recovery centers for all. We at BLISS create a wonderful world of love, care and brotherhood for all people suffering from Autism or other diseases related to mental problems.

So please my colleagues, let’s join hands for a worthwhile effort in treating our citizens with Autism by donating generously to BLISS in Ooty.

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