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Centre For Differently Abled In Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

Over the years, Differently Abled have been found lacking in confidence and skills to lead a normal life in the society. They are often the victims of ignorance and exploitation, fully deserving our great love and empathy. Disabled persons of such genre are often neglected and taken for granted. They face discrimination in many fields and are dominated by other more fortunate, well bodied men and women. They are not offered a chance to compete with others in the world.

Sometimes, in desperation such people attempt harsh steps like suicide or self immolation due to the tensions and turmoils of life. These incidents generally occur at homes, lodgings, hostels, etc.

Much has been said about the medical conditions of such individuals, yet the affection shown is rare and missing. In order to reach out to such unfortunate individuals, the Government of Tamil Nadu has taken up steps to provide sufficient measures and steps to reach help to such persons.

Comprehensive welfare measures and activities help in eliminating all kinds of hurdles for the betterment of the society. The government has outlined several innovative and effective plans to assist the differently abled persons.

There have been many social security schemes and other rehabilitation centers started by the government to improve the conditions of such people.

The State Government has categorized the Centres for Differently Abled in Ooty, Tamil Nadu as below:

  • Differently Abled Cells - DET.
  • Differently Abled Welfare, The Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu.
  • Commissionerate of the Welfare of the Differently Abled.

We, at the Charitable Trust, render appropriate treatment and carry out many welfare activities for them.

We are motivated by the unselfish love shown by such disabled persons driving us towards greater efforts. Ensuring availability of sufficient quantity of medicines and helping hands, we move forward with dedication to render them full care.

We have a dedicated team of expert doctors, physicians and other professionals who help at each stage

Once we accept that they are our brothers and sisters, we can move on encouraging them to live with dignity and freedom in a demanding world. Dear friends, , let’s unite to forge a better society, a peaceful country and a progressive world.

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