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Centre for differently abled in Palakkad, Kerala.

Palakkad, the center of attraction for all travelers visiting God’s Own Country—Kerala with its splendid hills, mountainsandbeautiful lakes is indeed a blissful place to visit. However, when we speak of the care and concern shown to differently abled in Palakkad, Kerala, there arises the necessity of much more to be done.

Many Steps initiated by the Government for the overall development of such individuals have gone waste and unnoticeable.

Against such a backdrop, the KarunyaMedical Care Center stands out providing care for the needy all under one roof.At Palakkad, the Center renders full services to the inmates.

The Karunya Medical Care Center run by Bethesda Charitable Trust, performs activities like Free eye check up, Medical camp for immediate diagnosis of the disability, and constant interaction to keep them fully active.

The Facilities offered at the Centre include

  • Thirty three experienced personnel, including Doctors and therapists.
  • Ambulance and the casualty services with round the clock nursing care.
  • Excellent ambience.
  • Different buildings for ladies and men.
  • Single, shared a/c or non a/c rooms. Dormitory is also available.
  • Veg & non- menu, service and feeding facility, depending on situation.
  • Daily laundry and room service.
  • Library, Newspaper, TV, Internet, and other recreation facilities.
  • Counseling and prayer sessions
  • Visiting holy places without religious restrictions.
  • Tour facilities.
  • Staff service available for hospitalization.

Apart from such facilities, we have special Night Women Homes entitled “Subharathri” . This shelter is a hometo the separated families, especially women and children.

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