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Center For Mentally Disabled In Kerala.

Kerala, the most intellectual State in the country faces a major challenge. With increasing number of people suffering from mental disabilities, Mental Health Rehabilitation Centers have assumed prime importance in the rehabilitation of these persons. Bethesda Centre for the Mentally disabled persons occupies an important position among these Centres in Kerala providing ultimate care and love.

Since inception, mental health center, Bethesda, aims at those who are constant victims of mental strainsand stresses. We bring smiles with each quality treatment for our neglected friends.

A Mental Health Rehabilitation center registered for such persons in Kerala has its own story to tell. People with mental disabilities in Kerala are often a group of neglected citizenssusceptible to gravesituations and dangers.

Each mentally disabledperson is a growing concern for the State Government. As their numbers increase, the State governmentand other agencies strive to tackle the problemby extending proper medication and care through well established Rehabilitation Centres.

As most of the mentally challenged in our country, especially Kerala, are affected by factors like mental stress and aggressive behavior causing them to be isolated from other citizens, and separation from families.

At Bethesda, we have well qualified professionals to take care of the single inmates. Located on the outskirts of Thrissur in Puthur, the Centre offers amuch needed option for such fellow brethren.

The Charitable Trust promises comprehensive care for the mentally challenged and other disabilities. A natural center that helps relax all the stressed minds. The Charitable Trust focuses on the sweetness of love and mercy.

Most of the medicines at the charity center are made of Ayurvredic formulations. The Charity trust promotes a social inspiration for the adolescent, mentally challenged.

Camps of such charitable centershelp preventabsenteeism while addressing someone or in facing someone for an interview. The training camps involve in educating the importance of life and its purpose.

Bethesda Charitable Trust

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