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"Spreading Love and Care.....Create Happiness".


Charitable Trust In Kerala.

All individuals have the desire to lead a new life with a new hope. The Bethesda Charitable Trust, isone of the most sought after Charitable Trust In Kerala. We aim at delivering an outstanding de-addiction treatments and rehabilitation oriented centers.

At Bethesda Trust, we have well planned activities to reduce the retardation level of an individual through spiritual exercises, physical work out and other related procedures. A team of experts in counseling, doctors, nurses and other professionals organize classes for improving personality, leadership roles, physical and mental development of the socially backward group.

Generally,many persons are victims of alcohol and other toxic substances or even harmful drugs. At a Trust like this,we undertake detoxification andcertain de-addiction treatments for craving the thirst for the drugs or toxic substances.

We envisage that all women and children affected by the ignorance and indifferent attitudesneed to be motivated to protect their dignity and freedom. Our team of qualified physicians and doctors, carry out social interactivity sessions like Yoga, Meditation and other exercises that relaxes the mind and body.

In order to improve the spiritual growth of such persons, we organize retreats at Retreat Centers where they receive professional assistance and guidance to gain spiritualand mental strength of these citizens.

We have an adequate stock of appropriate medicines, apart from skilled mentors and well qualified staff to help those suffering from extreme conditions.Suicide attempts by many, especially the youth out of depression and teenage crimes are all outcomes of an unstable mindor psychological problems that need attention.

Lack of love, respect and dignity are the three needs that such persons are denied. We at Bethesda, run a Charitable Trust In Kerala , that render all care, love andaffection throughacts of unselfish love and empathy.

We also reach out to the healthy and wealthypeople to strengthen their family bonds and relationships through peaceful and constant interactions to avoid any unfortunate incidnets in their lives. Our interactions reduce the risk of causing unstable minds and aggressive behaviors in individuals.

We also encourage you to please render love, respectto every one and value a person as a humanbeing thereby giving him or her dignity and freedom. Our motto is to help always those in need.

Bethesda Charitable Trust

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