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Rehabilitation Centre in Kerala.

Kerala, is a high literacy State; many persons, young and old, are addicts of various intoxicating substances like drugs, alcohol and other narcotics whose consumption makes one a slave to them. Many families are destroyed with one or two members severely addicted to such substances. With increasing incidents of such cases, often resulting in violent crimes, rehabilitation of such persons has assumed vital importance in the State in recent years.

Though a number of Rehabilitation Centres in Kerala function as part of the steps taken by the State Government, there is a need for more such Centers in different Districts. Bethesda Rehabilitation Centre in Thrissur, Kerala, is a role model for successful centres catering to persons addicted to intoxicating substances.

At Bethesda, we accommodate persons from all walks of life, but remain addicted to the use of harmful drugs and alcohol. The specialists and other staff of the Centre takes full care of inmates and with proper medication and treatment, help the patients in recovering from their addictions including drugs and other harmful habits.

All doctors, nurses, and other professionals help you remove the level of bad habits and consumption of drugs as well. We level up with professional treatments and new devices, assist in removing the inner craving for the drugs or the bad habits.

Some of the other popular Rehabilitation Centre in Kerala are the following:

  • Punarjani De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Tropical Health Foundation of India
  • Mar Kundukulam Memorial Research And Rehabilitation Complex
  • Live Life Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre
  • New Hope Rehabilitation Center

At Bethesda Charitable Trust, we treat not for money, but for the good of the patients.
Kindly, lend an ear friends. Once addicted, you stay addicted. But once you visit us, you get de-addicted.

Bethesda Charitable Trust

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